Why You Should Choose Paycomp
  • We offer 24 hour customer support every day for our easy payment services. Paycomp make it easy to open accounts and use all of our services. Paycomp stands out from many payment platforms because we offer tons of services in a single payment platform.
  • Paycomp is a fantastic payment platform that is specially made for businesses and personal use; our services can attend to all of your needs. We let our clients choose from a business account or a personal account to customize their experience.
  • Paycomp allows our customers to automate their bills; you can pay for your monthly business expenses or your house bills without breaking a sweat. Forgetting to pay for an urgent bill will be a thing of the past!
  • We also let our clients conveniently send money abroad at a cheap price. This means that our personal account clients can easily send cash to their friends and family abroad. It also makes it easy for our business clients to receive international payments and pay their merchants abroad at a fraction of the cost.
  • Both our personal and business clients can conveniently and quickly transfer funds to their Paycomp account or back into their local bank account. Most of the processes are complete within 3 business days, but some users report that it is as quick as 1-2 business days!
  • Paycomp allows our users to safely and cheaply shop online; simply press a few buttons and you can pay for your order immediately! This is great for personal accounts that want to leisurely shop, and for business accounts that need supplies for their business.
  • Paycomp also makes it easier for both business and personal accounts to track their expenses and income. We have a very simple and straightforward interface that lets our customers easily view where their money goes. That way, it will be easier for them to conveniently open Paycomp and see their payment history.
  • Business clients can make their lives easier by using Paycomp to pay for their employee’s salaries. Business clients can use our automated monthly payments to send cash directly to the targeted employee; that way, your employees will get paid on time and you do not have to worry.
  • We let you use your favorite credit card to fund your Paycomp account for free! The only thing you will get charged for are your bank fees.
  • We pride ourselves in making our services instant or as quick as possible. Sending and receiving cash to other Paycomp users is practically instant. Transferring funds to your bank account only takes 1-2 business days; you do not have to wait around like you would with a traditional financial institution.
  • Our team of experts are also ready for you all the time; we allow our customers to contact us 24/7. Have a problem with your account or a question about a certain service? We will immediately respond with the answers that you need!
  • Do you want a certain item but do not have enough cash on hand? We offer installment options for payments so you can get what you need, and pay it in installments.


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